Real Estate and Technology to Power the Edge Computing Revolution

Solving the trillion-dollar puzzle

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Tens of Thousands of Edge Data Centers Are Coming

Where will they all go?

Edge computing is the technological heart of a projected $1 trillion investment in 5G infrastructure. With tens or even hundreds of thousands of edge/micro data center sites being planned, the question becomes “where will they all go?” This the problem we solve.

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Edge Site Information Services: Bringing Buyers and Sellers Together at the Edge

The edge flips the traditional digital real estate model on its head. Instead of requiring large data centers built on inexpensive land in rural areas, edge computing relies on deploying numerous small-scale data centers in costly urban space. The scale of edge data center deployment is poised to outstrip the capacity of today’s relationship-based digital real estate market.

Edge Site Partners offers a new approach to digital real estate, one that is purpose-built for the unique needs of edge computing:

  • 1 . An online marketplace that brings buyers/lessors of edge real estate together with property owners
  • 2 . Edge property acquisition services
  • 3 . A synergistic network of partners who facilitate edge real estate success

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Building next generation edge infrastructure

Edge Site Partners develops and operates edge data centers. Offering a full service for edge tenants, the company enables edge computing in a wide variety of real estate settings, from commercial to residential—taking advantage of the latest innovations in edge/micro data center technology.

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